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Sometimes our difficulties are confined to one area of our lives. Sometimes, there is crossover, even multiple crossovers.

Take this junior Team GB athlete. She was a machine. Representing her country barely in her teens. Her performances in competition were, however, somewhat sporadic. Not to mention that her schoolwork, was… Not the best. And don’t even begin to mention the crippling anxiety she suffered when sitting an exam.

The subconscious mind is a funny old thing. It wants to protect you, at all costs. Sounds great on the face of it. But sometimes that becomes a hindrance and sometimes it becomes a massive pain.

She wanted to compete in the Olympics and win gold. She wanted to pass her exams at school with flying colours. Something happened somewhere along the way that told her subconscious mind that these things were a threat to her safety. And so it set out to protect her from them. Cue the tremendous anxiety in exams and in sporting competition. Excellent.

I met with this budding sports star and her mum to discuss what had been going on. We talked at length about her schoolwork, her sport and her life in general.

Some red flags started to manifest.

We worked together for roughly one month, not a long time really. Each week not only did her confidence improve, but she started getting better grades in school and better results in the tournaments she was entering.

The acid test would be those delightful end of year exams. Oh, and that big international competition she’d been training so hard for.

We had an ad hoc session before her tournament. Then I got word the following week that she only went and won the whole thing. Result!

We did the same just before her exams. Not only did she ace them, but she couldn’t quite believe how calm, focused and in control she felt in there. She also said how much her memory had improved since our sessions. Double result!

Never forget how powerful your mind is if you use it to the best effect. That’s where I come in. We will work together to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be. Pass those exams, win those medals, perform to your best. 

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