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James was a lifelong cricketer, it was his first love, he’d been playing since he was knee high to a grasshopper. I’m sure you can imagine how passionate and involved he was in this sport. Now imagine something so bad happening that it shakes you to your very core. So deep that you think about giving up, quitting that thing you’ve loved your entire life… Not a good place to be and yet this is where my contacts friend was.

We set up an initial consultation on Zoom, as he was located quite a distance from me here in London. He was clearly desperate to keep playing the sport he loved but was at the end of his tether.

Something seemingly innocuous happened in a game and couple of months previous. He’d always been a great all-rounder, yet on this day, he just bowled bad ball, after bad ball. No apparent reason for it.

Cue the subconscious mind scrabbling around for a reason as to why this was happening. As is sometimes the case, the mind puts two and two together and comes out with 16.

His confidence was on the floor. He continued to train but stopped playing games. He tried adjusting his technique, tried talking to his teammates and coaches. Went back to the fundamental basics. Nothing worked. Hence his desperation when I met him.

After discussing his thoughts, feelings and actions at length, I had a good idea how to approach this case. I proceeded to tell him my process and how hypnotherapy/sports performance mind coaching works at a psychological, emotional, neurological and physiological level. He was sold on the science behind it and wanted to get started ASAP.

And so, we set to work using the wonders of Zoom (yes these techniques can work just as well being done remotely, as long as there is a good internet connection, we’re good to go). James continued to train in the week after our first session together and was already feeling better heading in to our second session.

And so the weeks went by like this, continual improvements, week in, week out. He was also performing better in games, practicing the homework techniques I’d given him to do. At our last session James told me that he felt like his old self again, back to bowling at 90% speed with great accuracy- just like he used to.

He even shared with me a text message his team captain had sent after their most recent game (which they won). The message read, “mate, it took real balls to bowl that last over and win us the game! Superb! Keep building that confidence!”

Happy client, happy therapist!

If you’re struggling with an aspect of your sport, your mindset, confidence and anything in between, get in touch with me now and let’s get the best you back.

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