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Running looks easy right? I mean you just put your trainers on and set off right? If only! I once worked with a regional champion 800 metre runner. And for those that don’t know, 800 metres is a horrible distance to run. It’s a bit like a long, almost flat-out sprint. Sounds delightful right? Well, this client was pretty darn good at it and he wanted to be better, to win more races, more titles and perhaps even qualify for Team GB.

Not only do you have to have tremendous cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance and good technique; you must also have an acute tactical, strategic awareness of what goes in each moment of the race. How hard do you set off? What should your pacing be like? Where do you position yourself in the field? Do you sit behind a runner to get some drafting going? And so many more questions besides were going through my clients mind constantly.

Now as recent studies show, there’s no such thing as multitasking. There is simply task switching. Therefore, if my client could task switch as efficiently as possible during the race, he should be on to a winner.

Using a combination of more conventional hypnotherapeutic techniques and some super-secret homework tasks for his mind, we were able to enhance his cognitive abilities and focus during races. So much so that his results improved dramatically. He started winning more and progressing rapidly towards his goals.

Do you have a goal you’re striving for? Something holding you back or making it more difficult to achieve? Contact me now and let’s get your mind to work doing what it does best…

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