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A promising racing driver came to me once to help his focus, concentration and ability to get ‘in the zone’ prior to and during races. He was working his way up the ladder in British kart racing at the time and having followed Formula 1 for a lot of my life, I knew this was a feeder for the majority of prospective F1 drivers. To say he was aiming high is somewhat of an understatement!

He said he would sometimes lose focus on the starting grid, finding his mind drifting elsewhere, which would consequently hinder his performances on the track. And let’s be honest, when you’re about to be racing a vehicle round a track at up to 70+mph when your butt is mere centimetres from the asphalt beneath, you kind of need to be focused on the task at hand.

We set to work. We discussed his personal history, any significant events from his past, his physical and mental preparation, his routine in practice and on race day…

Like a lot of sportsmen, not just racing drivers, he had a specific routine when getting his gear on and if he deviated from that, it disrupted things. Call it superstition, maybe.

We decided to utilise this. He would always enter the kart from the same side, the same way. He did this with his visor up. Then when he was settled in his driving position on the grid, he would lower his visor.

We installed an anchor for this very movement. Using hypnosis, we engineered a neurological link between the action of him lowering his visor, with a state of complete focus and concentration. With repetition, this became second nature to him. So much so that every time he got in the kart to race, he reported a feeling of calmness washing over him, no distractions, no other thoughts than racing around the track to the absolute best of his ability.

Very quickly he started winning more races. Coincidence? I think not.

Send me a message now if you want to hardwire your mind to perform better, win more trophies and earn more money from your sport…

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