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Areas of Expertise

Clinical Hypnotherapy | Neuro Linguistic Programming | Sports Performance Mind Coaching | Emotional Freedom Techniques | Trauma Processing and Resolution | Strength and Conditioning | Martial Arts/Boxing | Weight Loss | Nutrition

We see inspiring quotes everywhere these days especially on social media. But how do we turn that inspiration into a lasting reality. To make real change in your life can be a daunting prospect. I’m here to help you to turn the What If’s? into real change. Many things can be resolved in as little as four sessions but I’m also able to help you with more deep-rooted problems that may need a little more time.

I offer in person sessions in central London (at the clients location), in and around Doncaster and online.

  • FREE initial telephone/video call

  • Initial Consultation and course of four sessions- £800

  • Additional ad-hoc sessions- £150

Get in touch today for a FREE telephone call to discuss what is going on and see if we're a good fit to work together.


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